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Workshop “Intersectionality, Aging and Care”

The team of the Elisabeth List Fellowship project “Gender Matters: Aging, Care, and Migration” hosted a very well attended workshop on methodology with Prof. Sally Chivers, Trent University, Canada

The interdisciplinary and interactive workshop on intersectionality introduced the concept of identity as fluid, fueled by and through multiple, often discordant, configurations of gender, “race”/ethnicity, sexuality, class, age, and ability. Following a keynote lecture by Sally Chivers (Trent University, Canada) on the movie Cloudburst (2010) participants had the opportunity to discuss and construct their own understanding of intersectionality in a creative setting.

The event was organized by the team of the Elisabeth List Fellowship Program “Gender Matters: Aging, Care, and Migration”: Anna Kainradl, Helen Kohlen, Ulla Kriebernegg, and Stefan Schweigler

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