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To a Caring and Sustainable Society

Broadcast date: 1 October 2021, 11:00 -12:00

The final podium of the second year of the care support center project examines the question, which discourses do we as a society have with regard to dealing with aging and care? Often the focus is on the deficits that come with the years of life. But what makes aging worth living despite limitations and what needs do people need care? And what about those who care? It's about nothing less than dignified aging and appreciation!

Which strategies are necessary to rethink aging and care that lead to a caring society? We want to show the next steps for the development of a care culture, close to people, in all situations, in communities as well as in urban areas.

Panel guests:

Elisabeth Klatzer
Economist, she sees herself as a researcher-activist, is a board member of Attac, co-founder of Femme Fiscale, network for gender-equitable budget and economic policy and the initiative "Mehr für Care!"

Ulla Kriebernegg
Is the Head of the Center for Interdisciplinary Aging and Care Research (CIRAC) at the University of Graz, teaches at the Institute for American Studies, and has led the Project "Who Cares? Rethinking age(s) and Care Together."

Klaus Wegleitner
Institute for Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Psychology of the Faculty of Catholic Theology Department of Palliative Care and Organizational Ethics, University of Graz and in a leading position at CIRAC, Verein Sorgeetz


Karin Schuster
Graduated health and nurse, initiator and project manager of the Radio Helsinki nursing base


Music: Primal Scream


Language: German

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