2nd Virtual Interdisciplinary Doctoral Symposium on Aging and Care - Migration

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Call for Abstracts

2nd Interdisciplinary Doctoral Symposium Aging and Care

Special Issue: Migration

University of Graz, Austria | October 19 - 20, 2021


On October 19-20, the Second Interdisciplinary Doctoral Symposium on Aging and Care focusing on various dimensions of migration will take place. We are delighted to announce that Prof. Sandra Torres (Uppsala University, Sweden), leading expert in the field of Social Gerontology and Migration Studies, will hold a workshop on skills training for PhD students and additionally, give a keynote (titled "Caring democracy: the role that theoretically-astute understandings of ethnicity and race must play") as part of the event.


Addressing migration as a complex research field, this symposium discusses manifold dimensions within this paradigm. Based on the interplay between aging, care and migration, we welcome contributions dealing with various aspects of some of the following topics: discourses of inclusion, exclusion, and attribution, intersectionality/intersectional discrimination, marginalization, gender, LGBTQ2S+, care migration, justice and equality, care and migration policies as well as cultural and literary representations of aging, migration and care.


By bringing together emerging scholars who address the question of what it means to grow old and to care, this symposium aims at shedding light on research in the fields of aging, care, and migration, highlighting the significance of exchange between disciplines, enhancing academic skills. Accordingly, we invite contributions that challenge traditional methods and/or propose new ones that aim at incorporating interdisciplinary aspects at an early research stage. Participants are invited to critically reflect on the meanings of aging, care, and migration and discuss perspectives from an interdisciplinary point of view, including challenges and developments in academia, social practice, art, and activism.

Please find the call for papers here.

Symposium brochure & presentation schedule


Organizers: Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Aging and Care (CIRAC) in cooperation with the Research Network Heterogeneity and Cohesion with its clusters "Aging, Demography and Care" and "Migration."

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